Techni-color….Technology in color

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Techni-color….Technology in color

Smore Newsletters….AWESOMENESS!!!

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So, I have created more newsletters because smore is awesome!!  You can embed videos, images, text and audio.  Its not only supercool, but its super FREE!!  I have shared the use of smore with my colleagues and they all love it, and have been creating their own newsletters.  I’m just excited because so many people have been using it…have you??



Smore and The Creek

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So, I am trying to find more ways to get information out to teachers without having to using all of my credits at the copy machine.  My co-worker told me about this website called Smore, a website that allows you create your own digital newsletters.  I have not done a newsletter before, but I thought this may be a way for me to contact more teachers with information.  So far I have had 87 views, and for me that’s pretty good.  Its still very new…a work in progress.  I am hoping that teachers may read it and view the resources that I put in it.  Its very short.  I know I don’t like to read a newsletter that is like a book, so I made it short and sweet.  Here it is!  Check it out and let me know what you think… The Creek



Teamwork and Trust

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The Mighty Macs – Watch Each Others Back – WingClips HIGH




No Red Ink!

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I was at one of my middle schools the other day, and Mrs. Thomas, an ELA teacher who is an awesome teacher willing to try new things, had her classes working on this website called noredink!  This site allowed Mrs. Thomas to create classes and set up quizzes for her students to work on.  The site says its “A fun way to practice and master grammar & writing skills”.  The kids logged in and they set up their interests first.  Then, they selected the assignments and began work.  It was really cute because the questions had names of persons that the students were interested in.  When they did something wrong, the site gives written instruction on how it was wrong and gives the students another chance.  The students were engaged, and I was too!!!  I wanted to sign up and check up on my own grammar and writing skills!!  This site is definitely one that every teacher should check out!




One True Media

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I have seen One True Media videos on Youtube, but I have never explored using it myself.  I like it.  It reminds me of Animoto, but it does not have as many perks.  Animoto offers an educators free premium account, and One True Media does not offer the same.  You can do free 30 sec videos, so its worth a look into!  Its not embedding my video properly, so here is the link as well:

My test video



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I know that this is a blog about technology….but I work closely with Media Specialists in the district that I work in.  The schools media specialist is probably the first point of contact when it comes to checking out any type of technology from a school.  One thing that I have never been too passionate about is reading books.  I just don’t like to read, and that is NOT a good thing.  I also realize that there are a lot of reluctant readers, as well as struggling readers in schools.  I heard about this graphic novel that was created for reluctant readers called Wireman.  This is a graphic novel that was created with struggling readers in mind.  I read the first two issues, and I was hooked, so think about not only your younger beginning readers, but those students in high school who are also struggling readers.  Check out a free issue and then go to the webpage and read up about this series.  I think its neat….hope you will too!!



Surviving Sixth Grade Blog!!!

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I have to give a shot out to my good friend who is a sixth grade teacher.  She is an avid user of technology in her classroom, and she is an AWESOME teacher!!  You HAVE to take a look at her blog Surviving Sixth Grade.   SHE. IS. AWESOME.  Please check her out.  She has examples of how she is using technology with her students, and how she is quadblogging with some other classrooms, all kinds of neat stuff…….did I mention that she was AWESOME????   Check her out….right now…don’t wait!!


How are you beginning your school year???

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So its the beginning of the school year.  Here in our district, we contact our school principals, media specialist and CRTs and meet with them to determine what type of training will be offered this school year.  Sometimes its really difficult to catch a meeting with the principals, because they are so busy, so the media specialist is my point of contact.  This year, I will be focusing on using the ISTE technology coach standards to outline what I will be doing with my schools.  In our district, 80% of each schools classrooms has a SMART board interactive whiteboard, and it continues to drive our training offerings.  This year we will be focusing on:

Edmodo as a class management tool

Integrating iPods into the curriculum

Using QR codes to guide activities

Integrating the SMART board effectively

Distance learning opportunities

Our technology proficiency and assessment process

Supporting our Visual Literacy Festival

These are but a few topics that will be covered this school year.   How are you beginning your new year.  Check out the ISTE standards for Technology Coaches:


Bitstrips…..a cool way to create cool toons!!

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I really love this site called Bitstrips.  This site allows you to create your own toon and customize it to look like you or whomever you wish it to look like.  You can then save those toons and create your own stories.  There is also a paid version for teachers to have students create their own avatars, and its like a closed classroom community.  There is a free 30 day trial so that you can get a feel for it, or sign up for the free Daily Funnies starring you….check it out!!



Toondoo’s offensive images

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Now, I have been in school and learned about history.  Not just my history, but history of other countries..etc… I have seen black people from all around the world.  I mean, hey, I’m black.  But I have never seen black people who look like these images that can be found on Toondoo.  Now, to me, this is offensive.  It reminds me of minstrel images from the age of discrimination….or images drawn of blacks that were demeaning.  Maybe I am over-reacting here….  I have seen these particular images used in toons created by others as slaves, or even in racist toons created by people around the world.  Even slaves did not have lips this big.  Is this discrimination, or am I over-reacting…..please share your thoughts.